Reeb Consulting Provides Proactive Strategies

Reeb Consulting works with clients to solve underlying problems in their community, not just manage the symptoms. We provide proactive, innovative ideas to spark discussion and challenge standard protocol to better define the problem and align stakeholders on shared goals. This approach ultimately allows for collaborative, politically durable solutions with broad support across multiple sectors.

Meaningful Engagement

By engaging a diverse range of people through a respectful and collaborative process, we use honesty, integrity, and clarity to build trust. We engage policy-makers, stakeholders and communities in the technical aspects of a project and translate information specific for each party to encourage participation, with no issue suppressed for convenience. Our evidence-based approach facilitates discussions and builds informed consensus on impactful and feasible solutions.

Effective Results

At Reeb Consulting, we provide the analytical and interpretive skills required to properly predict implications of decisions, offering clarity on the intersections between complex topics. Through consistent stakeholder engagement, we ensure ownership of solutions in order to maintain momentum during implementation. Our diligent and responsive approach promotes effective results amid the inevitable challenges that accompany innovation and transformation.

Reeb Consulting Service Options

Program Management

We will help you clarify your goals, create a customized service plan, and develop your project team.

Process Development

We will develop a data-driven process to meet your goals based on feasible and cost effective strategies.

Communication Strategy

We will establish consistent messaging with a delivery strategy catered to your audience to encourage inclusion and participation.

Technical Studies

We will advise on what you need, when you need it, and who to hire meet your project goals.

Reeb Consulting


We will identify beneficial partnerships based on shared goals and help develop those relationships.

Inter-agency Consulting

We will align leadership, staff, stakeholders, and the community on feasible solutions to complex issues.

Implementation Plan

We will create an implementation plan with detailed actions, feasible milestones, funding mechanisms & timelines.

Who Are Our Clients?

We work with all levels of government, as well as organizations and institutions in urban areas. Our work is diverse, collaborative and inspired — and so are our clients.