urban strategists.

Providing guidance, leadership, clarity & perspective in an often chaotic world.

Urban Development Strategists

At Reeb Consulting, we advise on urban development and policy, with a focus on transportation, infrastructure systems, resilience strategies, economic development, and implementation mechanisms. We help public, private, and nonprofit sectors work together, across disciplines, to solve complex problems. This is done by aligning shared goals, providing technical resources, and facilitating feasible actions towards those goals.



Our Motivation

Urban areas have become too complex to address challenges within one government department or expert discipline. Sustainable growth and revitalization requires alignment between economic development, transportation, infrastructure, community design, and governance. Proper alignment requires strong leadership and a deep understanding of how to facilitate communication across disciplines. We provide this leadership and understanding with the goal of achieving positive, sustainable outcomes.

Customized Service

Whether we work behind the scenes or as the face of your project, Reeb Consulting will take a customized approach to your unique situation. We are experts at addressing complex social, physical, and policy challenges through active listening, innovative thinking, and trust-building. We achieve trust through honesty, accountability, organization, diligence, curiosity, and compassion. And we have the technical skills required to get REAL results.

Urban Development Strategists





Local, City and County of Denver: M/WBE, EBE, and SBE Programs
(Minority/Women Business Enterprise, Emerging Business Enterprise, Small Business Enterprise)
*DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) with USDOT (US Dept of Transportation)
*WOSB (Woman-owned Small Business) with the SBA (Small Business Administration)